CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television) is a video surveillance technology used to monitor and record activity in various environments. It plays a pivotal role in crime prevention and investigation by providing real-time monitoring and archival footage for review. This technology is widely utilized in public, commercial, and residential areas for its effectiveness in enhancing security. CCTV gives you piece of mind that your assets are monitored and protected.

Nothing is above CCTV. At FP Fire we've done it all, from embassies to small chicken coups at the back of the house. We will design, install, commission and maintain the right system for your needs.

Why You Should Have A Well Planned CCTV System

  • Provides continuous surveillance of premises.
  • Offers archival footage for investigation purposes.
  • Can be monitored live for immediate incident response.

CCTV is significant in security as it provides a visual record of activities, aiding in deterrence, real-time monitoring, and post-event analysis.

It contributes to crime prevention by acting as a visual deterrent and enabling the monitoring of suspicious activities.

Yes, footage from CCTV systems can be used as evidence in legal proceedings, subject to compliance with relevant regulations.